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Do i need to wash my face with soap as well as washing with a blackhead scrub?

Using soap on your face will dry it out and leave behind binders and residue that will cause more damage to your skin. Find a good facial cleanser that you can use daily and that won't dry out your skin. Using any scrub will essentially do what a ';blackhead'; scrub does; buff away dead skin and grime that builds up under your skin and causes black/whiteheads and acne. Using an exfoliating scrub and a daily face wash is a great addition to your skin routine though! Don't forget to find a good moisturizer too, an oil-free one is always best.Do i need to wash my face with soap as well as washing with a blackhead scrub?

Soap is not made for the face. What it will do is super dry out your skin and cause the skin to over produce more oil. So you'll end up with super dry flaky, itchy skin with blotches of acne. Essentially a ';pizza face';.

That's what happened to me yrs ago, before I wised up and stopped using soap or acne cleansers to clean my face.

I recommend what I use; Kepaya (papaya based) cleanser. It cleans your face without overdrying it. Leaves it clean to the touch.

If interested Google Coonobabe go to their cleanser section.Do i need to wash my face with soap as well as washing with a blackhead scrub?
nahh just wet your face with warm water then use the blackhead scrub, scrub most at the places with the most blackheads because if you scrub to hard every where else it will dry out your skin. If you have oily skin use non oil moisturiser. [=
Just use blackhead scrub and one of those rough kitchen sponges. Not a brillo pad, just a rough kitchen sponge. It works. Acne free for 2 years now with that nice household recipe
You wash your face with soap?! Blasphemy! Soap drys out your skin gets rid of all the good stuff in your skin like oils. Use a good facial wash.
No, use one or the other otherwise you'll be over cleansing and you'll strip your skin of it's natural oils.
nope - i think that would probs just dry out your skin :)
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  • Biore Warming Anti-Blackhead Cream Cleanser? Does this work?!!!?

    Okay so I want to know if this cleanser is any good. And like the pros and cons you may have had with it. Any advice? Please helpBiore Warming Anti-Blackhead Cream Cleanser? Does this work?!!!?
    I used this product about a year ago and liked it, but didn't notice any help with blackheads. My favorite product so far is St. Ives blackhead cleanser.

    Is there any special cure to acne & blackhead problems?

    First Q is how old are u and of course male or female and which nationality u have?

    -The acne treatment depends on what kind of acne u have...we have many differen treatment for therm...

    -First Step is avoid sun shine...u can use some protection cream which has the SPF over than 25%...then if u are a smoker have to decrease the numver of them....decrease the fat food u take....drink enough water (more than 2 lits a day)....wash ur face with no bacter soap(at least twice a day)...if u are a girl dont use bad brand of make up stuff and wash ur make up as soon as possible(even if u use removal cream ).....if u start any mild sport like areobic or even jogging it will make ur skin better....take good nutrition and vegetable....

    -secound we have some locolize solution ...they are antibactrial like erythromycin 1% and ....u can use them once every 2 nights on ur acnes(avoid 2 cm around ur eyes and 2 cm around ur mouth including ur nasolabial lines)....

    -third u can use systemic antibiotics like tetracyclin or doxi by the order of ur G.P or dermatologist....

    -if non of them work or u have cystic acne with scar u have to use a drug calls Actane its full of Vit A , it has his own order and u just can have it by a dermatolog ...

    -we have some other treatments like Microdermabration(its usefull for black spots),pilling(deep and superficial) for make the acne and the scar of them goes....

    its better if u visit a dermatologist.

    Good LuckIs there any special cure to acne %26amp; blackhead problems?
    oxy or proactive : )Is there any special cure to acne %26amp; blackhead problems?
    I don't think so
    The best cure it to eat helathy. If I eat a ton of chocolate, or have a mcdonald's burger, a zit pops up the next day. Cheapest way to get rid of them, White toothpaste applied on them at night. The blue gel toothpaste dosn't work as well.

    Boire Blackhead strips aren't working for me?

    I have lots of blackheads on my nose %26amp; I bought the strips hoping they'd remove them, but when i take it off nothings come out onto the strip? I don't know what I'm doing wrong? If anyone has any advice on what I could use to get rid of blackheads whether its homemade recipies or cheap products from the drug store that would be great! :)Boire Blackhead strips aren't working for me?
    i have them too and they weren't working for me either, but it turned out i wasn't making my nose wet enough so they weren't sticking. throw water on your nose so it's dripping off then put the strip on really fast. it works.Boire Blackhead strips aren't working for me?
    Try using a scrub for where ever you had blackheads. You really have to rip off the strip though, but I've tried those too and they weren't the best. Clean %26amp; Clear has a new ';blackhead eraser'; cleanser, it looks really cool, maybe you should look into it!
    you have to really get your nose wet

    leave them on for 20 minutes (5 min more then they reccommend i think)

    and them rip them off

    it won't rip off all your blackheads at once but if you look really closey you'll see little things it ripped out.
    Go set a facial. They are nice and relaxing and help clear your skin

    Watc is the diffranc between a blackhead and a pimple?

    im a kidd going though puberty and i am starting to get alot of pimple help me plzWatc is the diffranc between a blackhead and a pimple?
    a blackhead is small %26amp; actually black. A pimple tends to be red %26amp; inflammed.

    Here's a website that might help...鈥?/a>

    Drink lots of water, %26amp; cut back on your soda.

    Eat more fruits %26amp; vegetables.

    Eat less sweets.

    What are the best acne/blackhead treatments?

    ive tried a lot of things. what is the BEST treatment for ance and blackheads??What are the best acne/blackhead treatments?
    If you have mostly blackheads (noninflamed acne) I give my noninflamed acne clients a combination of glycolic, vitamin a proprionate or mandelic serums and benzoyl peroxide. I also have them use a scrub to wash their face with. You also have to know how to use these products - when to strengthen your homecare when your skin adapts to the routine. Noninflamed acne can be really tricky if you don't know what you are doing.

    Sound like too much? If you want help with this, my clinic has long-distance programs to help you get and keep clear. Go to this link if you would like to check us out.鈥?/a>

    For free information about:

    1. Acne

    2. Foods that make it worse

    3. Ingredients in makeup that can make it worse

    4. Things you can do today to make your skin better.

    5. Products that won鈥檛 clog your pores

    Go to the website listed below:What are the best acne/blackhead treatments?
    You can try applying grated cucumber over the acne or pimples for fifteen to twenty minutes and then washing with warm water. Its regular use prevents pimples and blackheads. More such solutions at
    nutragena is the best my face is smooth and i have only used it for awhile

    Do Clean and Clear's Blackhead Clearing Pads really work?

    If not, which products work best at taking out blackheads?Do Clean and Clear's Blackhead Clearing Pads really work?
    If you have oily skin (like me) I'll share what works for me.

    I use Avon's Clearskin cleansing pads with 2% salicylic acid. A few of my girlfriends also swear by these.

    I tried the blackhead clearing strips and they didn't work for me. They seemed to pull a little out of my pores, but the blackheads stayed put. Also, one time I left a strip on too long and it pulled off a tiny bit of skin with it! OUCH!

    Last, but not least, when I'm absolutely desperate I'll use Retinol (retin-A). It seriously dries skin, but also clears everything!Do Clean and Clear's Blackhead Clearing Pads really work?
    no they dont work i recommend you to ask your doctor so she can give you something for your skin type...of the counter products dont really work...
    No, they really don't work that well and they sting and dry out my skin really bad. For blackheads I use Biore pore clearing strips (they're amazing!) and for my skin I use a set of three things (clenaser, toner and repair lotion) by AcneFree and I highly recommend it!
    the pads don't do it for me. i do use biore ultra clean pore strips for mine and they work wonders. ponds makes them too and i think a few other brands. i've used about 3 different ones and they all work great. good luck, i hate blackheads they're the worst.
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